Saturday, March 6, 2010

Welcome : I Am Intellect

Intellect , Is a 15 Year Old Rapper, That Resides In Chicago, IL Parts. He is an Music Artist, He’s Been Doing Music For 3 Years Now. He is Currently Independent & is Working To Become The Best Artist He Can Be. “ I Just Want [ Gonna ] Be Successful “ . The Name Intellect came From, Always being The Outcast & trying to be different than everyone else, & not talk about the exact same things all the other Rappers Did. He Has A Mixtape Called The
” Best Things In Life Are Free “ Out Now, -- Download it Here. --- Music Listen to It ! Add ! ß-- Facebook ß- Twitter

Thank you, for coming to the Official Website Of Music Artist Intellect.

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God Bless, One Love. INTELLECT The Name you Can't Forget

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