Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kanye west Freestyle - Eat Sh** & Die

Epic. Lyrics Posted

Wanted to be number one but that shit aint free
What would you sacrafice for all the fame and flashing lights
What would you sacrafice would you give u the rest of your life
Your life the rest of your life tonight
Im not gonna let it gat to me
Everybody that own they own face talk shit to me
Tonight I act like that just aint really shit to me
Tonight I act like that wont never be shit to me
Cause anybody standing right here tonight
Knows that one day they will touch the sky
Anybody standing right here tonight
Knows that one day will all fly fly
Fly away fly away so high away
Some where you can hide away high away
No Crowd today no ego
Not any other bull shit that you think that we know about me
No pride today just high away
We gonna fly away so high today so high today we will fly away we will fly away
We will fly away high as the satelite thats what we have tonight
Melbourne I love you
You dont understand you dont understand I love you so much
Dog I dont really understand
See Ive been across the world and im back and back
And I never been to a city quiete like that
Like that you dont understand
You dont understand never understand never understand
I wont let it get get to me
Somebody just threw a fucking penny at me
What the fuck is wrong with you
Step out if you really wont to
Are you fucking serious
you wanna fuck it up for everybody
What if that shit had hit me in my preety ass face
Boy if you wanna make yourself know
Ill smack you in your fucking face
Thats what we have tonight
Why would a hater come to the most hated person on the earth
And do that shit now what was that word
Now what we have tonight
And as Im talking bout how much I love your city
You should be ashamed at you fucking self
Who ever did you played your fucking self
Eat Shit Die
Eat Shit Die
I wont yall to say that with me
Hey Eat Shit Die
Eat your life
Hey Eat Shit Die
Alright - Kanye West

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